Research and development


Research and development

Research and Development are at the heart of our company’s policy.
Mindful to always accompany you in your projects, these steps allow us to understand precisely the interactions between wine and wood.
With this in mind, we work in close collaboration with the Institute of Vine and Wine Sciences (ISVV Bordeaux).

The list of publications

● Use of oak wood during malolactic fermentation and ageing: Impact on chardonnay wine character – November 9, 2018
● Wine Ageing in Oak Barrel: Effect of Toasting Process – November 15, 2017
● Comparison between Malolactic Fermentation Container and Barrel – April 1, 2017
● Ellagitannin content, volatile composition and sensory profile of wines from different countries matured in oak barrels subjected to different toasting methods – April 30, 2016
● Differentiation of Wines Treated with Wood Chips Based on Their Phenolic Content, Volatile Composition, and Sensory Parameters – September 29, 2015
● Chemical and sensory evaluation of wine matured in oak barrel: effect of oak species involved and toasting process – October 16, 2014
● How extraction of oak volatiles and ellagitannin compounds affect sensory profile of wine aged with French winewoods – 2014
● Relation between volatile composition, ellagitannin content and sensory perception of oak wood chips representing different toasting processes – February 28, 2013
● Extraction of oak volatiles and ellagitannins compounds and sensory profile of wine aged with French winewoods subjected to different toasting methods: Behavior during storage – February 26, 2013
● Addition of wood chips in red wine during and after alcoholic fermentation: differences in color parameters, phenolic content and volatile composition

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