Family spirit


Nadalié is one of those families that is committed to perpetuating great craft traditions.
Since 1902, the company has mastered every detail of the subtle and complex art of cooperage.
The current generation of three brothers are now bringing a more modern and dynamic vision to this ancestral profession.
In them, they have the DNA essential for producing products that allow the world’s wines to flourish and show their beauty.
  • Stéphane Nadalié In spirit, Stéphane has a strong ability to bring together the teams, allowing him to lead the company with success as the goal. For him, innovation in the manufacturing process is an essential driver for growth.
  • Guillaume Nadalié In spirit, Guillaume has only one quest: for excellence in everything… and it’s infectious! Passionate about his job, he knows how to combine, with talent and respect, the tradition and the culture of difference, a difficult art but highly successful.
  • Vincent Nadalié In spirit, Vincent is curious about everything. The family globetrotter has a 360° view of the cooperage market. His creative energy fuels Nadalie’s success and innovation.

A family

a History, a Passion
  1. 1902
    Auguste Nadalié founds the first Tonnellerie Nadalié in Montpellier
  2. 1943
    During the war, Victor Nadalié moves the cooperage to Ludon-Médoc
  3. 1951
    The cooperage sets up in the Chartrons district of Bordeaux
  4. 1969
    Tonnellerie Nadalié starts to choose and buy standing oak trees for its barrels
  5. 1969
    Jean-Jacques Nadalié goes to the USA to explore the wine industry and starts selling barrels in America
  6. 1972
    The cooperage returns to Ludon-Médoc
  7. 1980
    Jean Jacques Nadalié opens the Tonnellerie Française (today Nadalié USA) in Calistoga, California
  8. 1985
    Tonnellerie Marchive is bought in Jarnac, France
  9. 1996
    Toneleria Francesa de Chile is created in San Bernardo along with Tonnellerie Marsannay in Marsannay-la-Côte
  10. 1999
    A brand new workshop is created in Ludon-Médoc
  11. 2001
    Creation of our stave mills
  12. 2003
    A barrel-making workshop is acquired in Tanunda, Australia
  13. 2009
    Acquisition of Tonnellerie Mercier
  14. 2017
    The 5th generation of the Nadalié family takes over at the head of the company
  15. 2018
    Acquisition of Tonnellerie Chambeaud

Our vision

Tonnellerie Nadalié preserves a family spirit, guaranteeing its precious independence and long-term vision.
For five generations, the Bordeaux house, established in the Médoc and in the four corners of the world, has been passionately developing a range adapted to the winemaker’s every need.
Today, 270 employees work for the company, in the service of the world’s greatest wines.

From body to mind

For the sake of convenience, we separate what we consider things of the mind and those we consider things of the body.
Nadalié offers a different vision. A vision in which body and mind are intimately connected and enrich one another.
In cooperage, the body represents the power of the natural forces that cause the earth and the light to drive majestic oak trees to grow high and mighty.
These venerable trees are then fashioned by women and men whose minds are seasoned by this powerful and complex manual work.
Craftsmen become creative, innovative, because they are at the heart of a delicately balanced equation: respecting tradition while turning to the future and the modernity that make for excellence.